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How Papa’s Pizza is benefitting from Digsitore’s Ecommerce Solution

How Papa’s Pizza is benefitting from Digisitore’s Ecommerce Solution

As part of our business development process at Digistore, we regularly check in with our merchants and users to see how they are doing. Recently, we had a meeting with Papa’s Pizza and spoke to their marketing personnel, Monalisa Nyabi (PP). Running a business in today’s Ghana is no easy feat, especially for a pizza joint operating multiple branches.

In this issue of Touch Point, we discussed with Monalisa Nyabi (PP) the impact of Digistore Ecommerce on Papa’s Pizza, covering the highs and lows of their business and operations. Our growth and partnerships manager, Kwadwo Lartey (KL), led the conversation.

KL: Hi, Monalisa. Thank you for joining us today.

PP: Thank you for having me!

KL: Okay first question, from a marketing point of view, how have you seen the Digistore Ecommerce solution  or how do you see it so far? 

PP: So far I think it’s been good. Customers do like the platform and even when we face challenges and we report it, you people [Digistore ] respond to it swiftly. So, so far it’s been very good. 

KL: Okay let’s talk about payments. How do customers feel about making payments and the delivery aspect?

PP: Yes. So for payments it’s also easy. Also customers feel safe because after making payments they get receipts, they get transaction id, so you know that it is actually going to Papa’s Pizza because you have a receipt that shows they actually made payment. So it’s easy for them as well because you use mobile money options, even if you want to pay cash, it’s also easier for you. So far we haven’t really had challenges.

KL: Okay. How about being able to know who your customers are and running some loyalty programme for them for the online store? How are you guys working around engaging these customers? Who or other loyalty? 

PP: So just as you mentioned, I think digital gives us the opportunity to see the analytics of our customer base. So we see the food items that customers order frequently.  Even the time that they order, maybe probably from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM we get a lot of orders during that time. So it also helps us to come up with tailored services for our customers. So even if you are running a promo, you can just go to the platform, check food items that customers usually order and then we can use that information to also run promos, because we know that customers do like A, B, C and so if we use these pizzas as food items for particular promotion so it also helps in marketing.

KL:  Any last words for us? 

PP: So we want to say thank you because I really appreciate the support because you’re also benefiting from us and you’re also benefiting from you. Through you. We’ve reached a wider range of customers so we want to say thank you .On that part we also like the partnership we have also looking forward to spending more years.

It’s always insightful to hear from our partners and understand how Digistore Ecommerce is playing a pivotal role in their operations. We are committed to continuous improvement and providing the best possible platform for our merchants and customers. Thank you, Monalisa, and Papa’s Pizza, for sharing your experiences with us.

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