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5 AI Tools for your small business

Ei Eye is pretty much everything you hear these days. AI this, AI that! You’re not alone, AI is definitely here and it is here to stay. Now the question is, as a small business, how do you take advantage of this revolution? Let’s talk about it. In an era where technology is rapidly advancing, small businesses must adapt and evolve to stay competitive. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are at the forefront of this change, offering unique solutions that can streamline operations, enhance creativity, and improve productivity. Here are five AI tools that can revolutionize the way you run your small business:

ChatGPT: Imagine having a virtual assistant that can help you structure your business plan, craft engaging content, or even automate customer service inquiries. ChatGPT does just that. Powered by advanced language models, it can assist in drafting emails, creating marketing copy, or providing quick information to common queries. This tool can be a game-changer in managing your day-to-day business activities, saving you time and resources but keep in mind that responses can be inaccurate, generic, or repetitive. The free version can be very sluggish at times or crash due to network issues or when its response is very long. Users can force it to accept wrong answers, potentially impacting the accuracy of future-generated responses.


OtterAI: Communication is key in any business, and OtterAI enhances this aspect by offering real-time transcription services. Whether it’s transcribing meetings, interviews, or lectures, OtterAI delivers accurate, searchable transcriptions that help keep everyone on the same page. This tool is invaluable for maintaining records and ensuring clear communication within your team. It also has some limitations as it currently only works with U.S. and U.K. English. The free version lets you transcribe just three audio files, then you have to upgrade to keep using it. Doesn’t always detect all the different speakers and properly name them.


It’s not 100% perfect; you’ll still need to go through the transcript and make some adjustments but with a little bit of patience and articulation it should work fine. 

Second Brain: In the hustle of running a business, keeping track of ideas, notes, and tasks is a challenge. Second Brain acts as a digital memory aid, organizing your thoughts, notes, and reminders efficiently. By using AI, it helps categorize and retrieve information easily, ensuring that no brilliant idea or critical task slips through the cracks.


Canva: In today’s digital age, visual appeal is crucial, especially on social media. Canva, equipped with AI-powered design tools, simplifies the creation of stunning graphics, presentations, and social media posts and can also help you schedule social media posts. Its user-friendly interface and vast library of templates empower you to design like a pro, elevating your brand’s visual identity.


PhotoRoom: High-quality images are essential for any business, but they often require professional editing skills. PhotoRoom changes the game by allowing you to effortlessly remove backgrounds from photos, create studio-quality images, and design visual content that stands out. This tool is particularly useful for product photography, marketing materials, and enhancing your online presence.


While these AI tools offer remarkable benefits, it’s also essential to have a robust management system in place. This is where Digistore Business Manager comes in. Although not AI-powered, this comprehensive tool helps in managing sales, inventory, finances, and customer relationships effectively. With Digistore Business Manager, starting a business online is simple; create your online store in minutes. It doesn’t end there; it provides you with a host of features for business management – generate invoices & receipts, manage your inventory, get business analytics, manage your orders and more! It works on both Android and iOS 

Download the Digistore Business Manager app, sign up today and get started with growing your business both offline and online, effortlessly!

Leveraging all these tools can significantly boost your small business’s productivity and creativity. When combined with a solid management system like Digistore Business Manager, these tools can propel your business to new heights in this AI-driven era.

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